Golden Horde
Shadi Beg khan

Vladimir Belyaev
June 9, 2000

Reverse: Kalima

Metal: AR
Size: 14.2 x 16.4 mm
Weight: 1.0 g

Shadi Beg khan - 802-806 AH (1399-1407 AD)

After death of Timur-Qutluk at the end of 1399 AD Edigey enthroned his brother Shadi Beg as khan. Coins of Shadi Beg were minted in Horde, Bulgar, Sarai, Astrakhan and Azov (Azaq).
Edigey left Shadi Beg to rule in the Golden Horde and gone to Siberia, killed Toqtamush by January 1407 (Toqtamush escaped from Horde in 1399 forced by Timur-Qutluk and Edigey).
During Edigey absence Shadi Beg tried to strong his power, but Edigey after returning from Siberia got him away and enthroned Bulat (Pulad).
Shadi Beg runned to Caucasis and never returned to Horde. Shown coin is the unit coin of Shadi Beg minted in Shemakhi, probably after his escape from Sarai. Hence he found his place for ruling in the Shirvan.

P.S.Saveliev, Monety Juchidskie, Jagataiskie, Jelairidskie i drugie, obrascshavshiesia v Zolotoy Orde v epohu Toqtamysha (Juchid, Chaghatayid, Jelayrid and other coins used in the Golden Horde during Toqtamysh period), Sankt-Petersburg, 1854.
N549 (p.310).
in Shemakha
Shadi Beg
khan ...

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