About this site

The main purpose of this site is to present all information deals with the Golden Horde coinage. There are icebergs of publications about Mongol coins in Russian but most of those books and articles are not known in the numismatic world.

Shown and described here coins usually are from the personal collections of different people. And there is a lot of scarce or rare coins which are real treausers not published yet or not known to the collectors community.

We tried to present materials both in Russian and in English but please be patient in reading our imperfect English texts.

Please feel free to write your questions, suggestions, corrections to webmaster.

Who helps for this site:
Vladimir Belyaev, Moscow, Russian Federation
James Farr, Tallahassee, USA
Konstantin K. Khromov, Kiev, Ukraine
It means that persons listed above presented coin images, texts or any other help for the publications.

If you have any The Golden Horde, you are welcome to public it here. Also you'll get any possible help in the identification of your treasure. Please contact with webmaster.

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